SB's Mickey

Mickey was sold recently, and raised one litter while out of our care. She was a great mother. Mickey had a great body and bone, and also a great personality. Mickey was a great rabbit for our little siblings to learn with.

Mickey has unfortunately passed away from heat stroke. The best efforts were given to save Mickey, as well as Airell. They were two of three rabbits. The weather and temperature were too extreme to save them.

SB's Airell

Airell was sold when he was just a junior buck. Airell had a great body, and he had a great personality. Airell has passed away from heat stroke. The best efforts were given to save him, but unfortunatley, the temperature was too severe.

Airell will be very missed by us, and by his owner.
Bun'nays Bam Bam
REW Sr. Buck
This buck is very nice, he has a great eye, and an excellent head and brow. His hips could be better, but his shoulders and topline are great! He has good bone and is very correct. His eye has great color, as he is of REW variety. Sorry about the pictures, he was trying to bite me. He is kinda nasty like that. :)

Bam Bam has sadly passed away of unknown causes. Though he was a brat, he will be missed. 

"Pumba" sadly Passed away, 2/24/2012

Graceland's Shocker, a loving mother of four unwanted kits, coming to us pregnant and underfed. Having cared for her kits perfectly, and being a great children's Pet, she won our hearts. Pumba will be forever missed, and respected for her mothering skills and attention towards her three boys, and her one single Girl. All having gone to great homes, Midge, Timone, Maestro... All but Finn, who lives with us in the house as a pet. We can tell he inherited his mother's positive personality, and Spunky attitude. 

We hope Pumba enjoys her life in bunny Heaven, and may she rest in peace.  

Coconut Before her first, and only litter.
REW Sr. Doe
Coconut has sadly passed away. She will forever be in our memories and be very missed. We enjoyed her company while she lived, and treasure all of the moments! 

Coconut was owned by our past friends. Not us in particular.

Rabbits We Have Loved

The Rabbits we have loved don't necessarily have to be ours. Please note that These bunnies were a part of our lives for a short or long period of time. Whether that was all at once or only for short visits.

Rabbits We Have Loved

The rabbits that appear on this page may have been rescues that have been re-homed, or rabbits that have passed away. We will mention on the rabbit's description which it is.

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    This Page is for rabbits that have Passed Away, or gone to new homes. They will be forever treasured.