When I start hopping "the girls" i will add more pictures. I think they will be very eager to learn and will whoop some rabbit tail at the fair! :)
Ike! Calvin really tucking up for the jump! He's a Camera Rabbit! 

Graceful and very careful not to touch them! Calvin is going to be an excellent hopping rabbit. 


    Rabbits Currently in training:

    SB's Calvin 
    SB's Omar

    Rabbits that are going to start training:

    SB's Talullah 
    SB's Tulip
    The course, with brand new jumps made by Henri, and two being borrowed from our 4H leader, Kathy. (Tumalo Community Club) 

    Work really well, and glad to be using actual jumps to practice correctly. We place our jumps 4-6' apart. 

    Our baby Dutch does "Tulip" and "Tallulah"are our potential hoppers! We hope that they enjoy it as much or more than Calvin and Omar!