So·Key's Eva
Chocolate Sr. Doe
Jill's Wild Cocoa Puff x HDD's Peter

This doe, by far one of my favorites, is the sweetest one in the barn, and a great mom, too! She produces amazing bodies on her offspring, as well as nicely marked ones. Her markings are great as well, having a nice saddle that blends well with her undercut, and cheeks that are round and unhooked. Her blaze is a nice size, tapering to a good point on her forehead. Her neck marking is a bit ragged, but otherwise good. Her stops are jagged, but even as well. She is long and low in her shoulder area, but she has a nice full hindquarter and is roundover her hips. She is a bit bony from having litters, but otherwise she is still a great show/brood rabbit. Update: Eva will be having one more litter for us, and then she will retire to be one of our treasured pet rabbits. She will continue to go to the County fair, and we will hold on to her wonderful offspring.

So·Key's Eva:
Kit Weights 56 Days-
GR5:      (Serviced by Jill's Wild P0LQ, 6 Kits-1 Alive)
V1EW:   (Serviced By Jill's Wild P0LQ, 2 Kits-2 Alive)

Jill's Wild P0ECM
Chocolate Sr. Doe
Petunia is a very nice doe overall, having a nice body and markings to match. She is very full in her hindquarter and she is very broad in her shoulders, though they could be shorter. She is round and smooth over her hips. Her saddle and undercut are a bit wavey, but blend nicely. Her cheeks are more box-shaped than they are round, and slightly uneven at the jaw. Her blaze is very wide, and also a little wavey in the middle, but comes to a nice point on her forehead. Her stops are a tad long, but they are even and clean. She has been bred to Prince for a litter on May 7th. Click on her picture to go to the litters page! 

Jill's Wild P0ECM:
Kit Weights 56 Days-
V1PP: V2PP: V3PP: V4PP: V5PP: (Serviced by Kneiling's Prince, 6 Kits-5 Alive)
Bun'nays Gloria
REW Sr. Doe
This is a great doe, with an exquisite eye! Her head is great and her ears are exceptional! She has a great body, very round through her topline , and she has great shoulders. She does, however chop slightly in the hindquarters, but the judges haven't said a thing! She has very nice coloring to her eye. She is of REW variety. She has good bone, and is very correct.


Cute ducth rabbits.


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