We are located in the Beautiful Central Oregon, and enjoy our lovely view of the Cascade Mountains. We are a small Rabbitry, and aim for quality stock that can be used for multiple purposes. We give each and every one of our rabbits equal attention. We sell all of our rabbits for showing, breeding, and pets. The brits, are mainly showing and breeding though. ;) Contact us for more information about our stock, and possible purchases. 
I also am training my horse "Dalai Llama" to drive a cart. The process takes about ninety days to actually be able to drive the horse while in the cart. Nothing specific at that point. I have been working her for about a week now. She is a fast learner! After a lot of research i have finally gotten out there to do it. 

I am for now, teaching her basic voice commends such as 'Walk', 'Whoa', 'Ta-rot' (Trot), 'Back', and will eventually teach 'Ha', and "Gee'. (left and right) like sled dogs. :) 

i longe her with a rope halter with a snaffel bridle fitted over it. This is to get her used to the commands even with the equipment on, and so i can attatch the driving reigns and go without having a trip to the barn. :) I also fit a Girth-like strap around her middle with several rings in it. I run the driving reigns through the lower rings to teach her to keep her head down while ground-driving and to steer better when the cart is actually attatched to her. I also do this to get her used to having something or someone behind her.

The next steps are soon to come! Wish me luck!

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