Bun'nays Drew
Chestnut Jr. Buck  Weight: 1.9lbs
Drew is a very typey boy! He has great ears, and are about finished with length. They are round, and they are coming in thick and well furred. He is developing very nice color, as well.  He has great length, and is getting very nice bone. I love him to pieces already, though he is very much a brat. He is still learning to pose once his little buns touch the carpet. But will hopefully, eventually be very good with it. :) Drew carries Chestnut, REW, opal, otter, and other Tan varieties.

2/5 Senior Chestnut Buck in Albany, OR! (He was over Jr. weight limit, he's a bigger boy)
4/5 Senior Chestnut Buck in Albany, OR (Hasn't developed big giant head yet! haha)



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    Here we have our Netherland Dwarf Bucks.

    We only have one so far, and are going to be very selective with our stock, as they are our "Secondary" breed. Not the one we want the most of. ;)