Bun'nays Rio
REW Jr. Doe      Weight: 1.9lbs
This little doe has great ears, though a bit bowed. Otherwise they are very round, thick, and very well furred.  She also has a great body. I love her type, though she is a bit flat. This may be from me not posing her properly, and if it changes i will update this. She should mature very nicely. She is already so very mellow and sweet. Rio is a chestnut carrier, as well as otter, opal, and other tan varieties. She has good, heavy bone and a very nice head shape, though it could be a tad bigger.

x2 2/2 Senior REW Doe in Albany, OR. (Started molting when we left, and needs to be more conditioned overall for next time)

REW Jr. Doe                         Weight: 2.7lbs
This doe is very big, however VERY typey! Such a nice ear, though a bit long. Her body is a bit long, but she makes it up in bone and type! I love her attitude, though she has a habit of kicking when going in and out of the cage. She has great carriage of her head and ears, though her head could be bigger. Again, i love those ears! So thick, and well furred!
Morgaine is a Chestnut carrier, as well as otter.  Haven't yet received a pedigree for her, but is coming shortly.

New images coming soon!



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    Here are our Netherland Dwarf does.
    Expect the animals on this page to change periodically, except for Rio, because i really would like to get different lines on a regular basis.

    We are going to be very selective with juniors.