Preston's Pickle
Sr. Doe      
(Ashley's Owen x Preston's Jean) 
Sorry about the Coat! Pickle is a nice, big doe, with hindquarters to die for! Pickle has a nice topline, but is a bit long in her shoulder, and longer in body. (From having a litter) Pickle has an excellent set of ears, and a nice head. Her muzzle is a bit pinched. Very nice width, but could use more depth to her midsection. We plan on breeding Pickle to some of our coming offspring. Took 2/2 Senior doe Open class against SB's Diamond in the Rough.

Preston's Pickle:
Kit Weights- 56 Days
PD1: .79lbs PD2: 1lbs PB1: 1lbs PB2: llbs(Serviced by SB's Onyx, 5 Kits-4 Alive, 2 bucks-2 does) 10/28/11-11/28/11
BOSB Redmond, 2011 (CORBA)

DB's Betsy Ross
Sr. Doe   
(DB's Heylia x Preston's Call Me Al)
 Betsy has great depth with the width to match! She needs a bit more fullness to the base of her HQ but is still an amazing brood doe! She produces very nice profiled kits! She has thick, short ears, and a very nice head. Short with a full muzzle. Her coat has great density, but could use some more finish and luster. Oh well! That left when she had her second litter! She has very consistent litters with kits nearly, or all the same size. She is currently very broody. Hoping to have a chance to breed her soon, but in the  meantime she will stay in the barn and be a pet. (Just for now... ;D)

DB's Betsy Ross:
Kit Weights- 56 Days
R1: 1lbs R2: 1.2lbs R3: 1lbs R4: 1lbs R5: 1lbs (Serviced By SB's Onyx, 6 kits-5 Alive, 3 bucks-2does) 6/27/11-7/30/11
BD1: 1.6lbs BD2: 1.5lbs BB1: 1.5lbs BB2: 1.5lbs BB3: 1.5lbs BB4: 1.3lbs (Serviced by VT's Everglades, 6 kits-6 Alive, 4 bucks-2 does)
Winnings: 2/7 Albany, OR 2011

SB's Diamond In The Rough
Sr. Doe    
(DB's Betsy Ross x SB's Onyx)
5.0lbs        Legs: 1
Sorry about the coat! This is an excellent doe, with great type! From our own breeding, we couldn't have asked for better! She is passing her prime currently, so she will be bred after the OSF. She has good depth, with the width to match. She has a great doe structure, and we hope that when bred to VT's Everglades, will produce some winners! Great head and ears, smooth body, deep in her rib section, and firm flesh to die for. The breeder's dream! Excellent density to that coat, needs more luster.  "4" Is going to be at the Oregon State Fair!  Took first in the class of 2 senior does. (Against Preston's Pickle) Kits will be available for breeding, showing, pets, and potentially meat rabbits.

Winnings: BOSB, 1st Jr Doe, 2nd Jr Doe, 1st Sr. Doe, etc.

SB's Diamond In The Rough:
Bred 9/16/12
Tested 10/8/12
Kit Weights- 56 Days
BOSB Redmond, OR 2011 (CORBA)
BOSB Canby, OR 2012 (Crazy 8)

SB's Zaharias Sunset
(DB's Betsy Ross x VT's Everglades)
Very nice doe.  She has a great topline and a VERY nice loin size. She has powerful hindquarters. She has great fullness, bone, etc. She carries her width all the way down to the table as well.  Zahari does very well on the show table, and i hope she will prove herself well! A bit soft in Flesh condition, but we hope her babies will improve that when bred to SB's Onyx. Planned to breed after a few more ARBA shows. I wish she had thicker ears. Took Grand Champion Overall at the Deschutes County fair in Open class!

1st Sr. doe
Grand Champion at DCF

SB's Mirror Mirror
BD2  (DB's Betsy Ross x VT's Everglades)
This is a nice little doe, she has nice width, depth, and a very dense coat! She has good head and ears, and she has a great topline, but does peak a little bit early. She is a smaller doe, and is lacking a bit of flesh condition. "Marleigh" is the sweetest little bunny ever! loves kids and gets on well with other rabbits. Lives next to Pickle and i guess they're buddies now! Should make a nice brood doe. Took 2/2 in Open class junior doe. Now she's a Senior.

Sold! To Shawn of Beaverton, OR!


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09/16/2012 4:21pm

I am looking for a florida white doe.


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